A duck themed baby shower

Here at Tillie and Matt, this summer has been about getting stuck in to our newest venture – baby showers!

We love kids’ parties but fancied trying something a little bit different. Over the past few years we have enjoyed watching the children we entertain as they grow up. Entertaining the siblings of some of our first customers has been lovely; we feel like part of the family and it’s such an honour to be trusted again and again. It got us thinking – what if we could throw a party for these children even before they were born?

At Tillie and Matt we are all about putting the fun into the party and why shouldn’t the mums have a little fun too? So now we’re adding to our repertoire a uniquely styled baby shower with your individual tastes in mind.

Game preparations

Our first client was Sasha from Godalming in Surrey. She was very clear that she wanted a fun party that she and her guests would treasure. She and her husband will soon be moving away so it was extra special and important. She explained that she wanted a fun afternoon but a non-tacky theme. Also, although she and her husband knew that they were having a baby girl, they were keen for the party not to fall into boring gender stereotypes. As we talked more, we learnt that Sasha and her husband’s relationship had been long distance at the beginning and that both had got tiny, matching duck tattoos to remind them of each other. We decided that this symbol of their love would be a perfect (secret) theme for Sasha’s baby shower and so rubber duck gathering began!

As an added bonus, the venue had a swimming pool fitting perfectly with the duck theme. Take a look at some of the fun we had.


The shower began with Rubber duck Mocktails or Mimosas and the first game, ‘My waters have broken’, was an icebreaker in more ways than one.  Each glass had an ice cube with a tiny ‘baby’ frozen inside. The winner was the first person to shout ‘My waters have broken’ when the baby melted from the ice cube.

Guess the baby? We got each guest to send us a baby photo of themselves.

Bespoke baby bibs designed by your guests – a fun and creative activity that’s also a practical keepsake.

Nappy practice – guaranteed to raise a laugh as guests are asked to make a giant nappy from a loo roll!


what-sizeMeasuring Sasha’s bump to determine the winner of ‘What size is Mummy’s tummy?’


Guests rack their brains whilst playing the ABC baby name game.







Sophia comparing a hilarious game of ‘Name that baby tune’

Some of the winners from the nursery rhyme-inspired treasure hunt that had the guests running round the house and garden like five-year-olds.

img_0504Sasha ‘s baby shower was a great success, topped off nicely with some pool games, though I have promised not to post any photos of the ladies’ amazing synchronised swimming!

img_0495Baby showers are a great opportunity for families and friends to pass on knowledge, tips and love to the new mummy-to-be.




Author: Tillie and Matt

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